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How To Date A Cougar

Meeting older women and actually impressing them enough to want to talk to you can be a hard task to achieve. Luckily, there are some moves that they find simply irresistible and we’re about to reveal all…

First prepare yourself:

If you want an older woman to look at you as a mate, and not simply because she’s wondering why the hell you’re staring, prepare in advance and make yourself more attractive. Cougars like to keep in shape and dress to impress, so you really need to do the same. Take out a gym membership, go shopping in some expensive places, choose a sexy scent and not just whatever’s on sale at a petrol station. Remember: you’ve got one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it lasts – for the right reasons.

Then start your hunt:

You won’t find an older woman downing vod-bulls at your local disco. Likewise it’s pretty unusual for a cougar to join Tinder (though not impossible). Once you’re ready to meet a hot older woman, know where to look for her. Ask around (or Google around if you’re more of a private type) and find out where your local cougar bars are. Or you can make this whole process a lot easier by joining a Cougar Dating Site.

Go in and make your move:

When you’ve spotted a sexy cougar and you know she’s the one who will make your dating life what you’ve always dream of, show her you’re interested but make sure you do it in the right way. This is a good time to have a few intelligent points of conversation ready, think politics, women’s issues, anything except a horrible pick-up line that she will have heard a million times before. Show confidence, be a gentleman and be ready to sweep her off her feet from the very beginning.

But don’t forget:¬†Once she’s interested in you, you need to keep up the effort and be in your best behavior otherwise you won’t keep her attention for long. But if you do get it right, this might just be the start of your sexiest adventure yet.

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