Hot cougar woman relaxing

How To Date A Cougar

Meeting older women and actually impressing them enough to want to talk to you can be a hard task to achieve. Luckily, there are some moves that they find simply irresistible and we’re about to reveal all… First prepare yourself: If you want an older woman to look at you as a mate, and not […]

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Sexy Cougar in Black Gloves

Dating a Cougar: Expectations vs Reality

Cougar dating is an exciting and popular choice for many when it comes to their love-lives.  Think you know cougars? See if you’re right… Expectation: Cougar dating will pay for my lifestyle Reality: Dating a cougar is a great way to enjoy your life with better companionship but you need to think about what you’re bring […]

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Sexy Fashion Cougar

6 Places To Take Your Cougar on a Date

If you’re lucky enough to be taking a hot cougar woman on a date, you’ll need to have some seriously good ideas about where to take her. Standard, boring date ideas just won’t impress this woman. Thankfully we’ve got you sorted… Always take cougars to a posh restaurant (and I mean posh!) Nando’s, Pizza Express, […]

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