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6 Places To Take Your Cougar on a Date

If you’re lucky enough to be taking a hot cougar woman on a date, you’ll need to have some seriously good ideas about where to take her. Standard, boring date ideas just won’t impress this woman. Thankfully we’ve got you sorted…

    1. Always take cougars to a posh restaurant (and I mean posh!)

      Nando’s, Pizza Express, Burger King, these places all may have seemed like perfectly acceptable venues when you were dating a young female, but believe me they won’t cut the mustard with a sexy, mature woman. Read some reviews, ask friends where they go for really special occasions and prepare your wallet – you need to work for this.

    2.  Learn a new skill together

      Find an exciting class that can teach you both something new and sexy. Think cocktail lessons, chocolate or sushi making classes. Show the cougar who takes your interest that you’re capable of taking care of her by making her something. This will also show you how well you work as a team and gives you a good chance to enjoy getting a little mucky together.

    3. Go exploring

      The whole reason cougars love younger men is because they’re far from ready to stay in and have a quiet night, they want to have fun! So don’t be afraid to get outside together and go somewhere that will really get your adrenaline pumping. Think sky-diving, orbing, snow-boarding, there’s so much fun to be had on your cougar date.

    4. Take a stroll in the park (with furry friends)

      If you want a good test of your chemistry fast, try taking a pet out for a walk in the park. That way you can really see how well you look after something together. If you have your own pets, this is a really great opportunity to see how your crush gets on with the other important friend in your life. If not, borrow one and get walking!

    5. Go dancing

      Everyone knows the seductive power of dancing, no one better than the sexy older cougar. You may need to practice first because chances are this woman knows her way around her own body. Choose a classy venue, with a great dance-floor, a beat you can get moving to and watch time fly by.

    6. Expand your horizons

      Now wouldn’t this picture be even better with a hot older woman in it?

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